November 22 astrology sign

Sagittarius Sign Dates & Traits They are philosophical and a bit old-fashioned.

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The typical Sagittarian man keeps himself in good physical condition. Sagittarian women are friendly, sociable, and outgoing. They have a reputation for being blunt speakers who don't worry how their opinions will be received. Like their male counterparts, Sagittarian women love to travel and are curious about other cultures.

10 Unknown Facts about Sagittarius - Nov 22 - Dec 21 - Horoscope - Do you know ?

Like other fire-sign females, they are not afraid to take risks. Sagittarian women are often tall and svelte, though they have a tendency to put on weight in middle age.

November 22 Birthday Astrology Profile

They have a fashion style all their own. Sagittarian children are adventurous from birth. From an early age they appreciate the value of things and the satisfaction they can bring. Sagittarian youngsters usually love school.

Sagittarius Sign Traits Overview

They participate in sports and are big on school spirit. Sagittarian teens need plenty of freedom, but they are likely to use it wisely. As soon as they fall in love , the typical Sagittarian begins to worry about what he or she is going to have to give up.

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They possess a great soul. They have class; it's impossible for anyone to dislike them.

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November 22 people love to travel and often find memorable friendships with people from other cultures. They seek love affairs that combine love with potent sexuality. They prefer long relationships; though they sometimes find that inhibits their autonomy.

November 22 people are great believers in family closeness. People born today often put off having children until they're able to see and do things that are important to them. But while travel and professional goals usually come first, by their mid-thirties they're ready to become parents. Good health is important to these men and women.

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When confronted with a challenge or goal, you wont stop your efforts until the job is done. In relationships you show the same dedication, sacrificing your time and needs to support others.

November 22 Scorpio Personality

Your friends and family greatly appreciate your caring and compassionate nature, which explains why you are a coveted friend and companion. Water does not come without negative influences however; too much indulgence in the emotions can lead to moodiness or instability.

Pluto, being the planet of transformation, ties to your pursuit of power and strong willpower.