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2015 Horoscope: Gemini Since both of you are air signs, you communicate well with each other — a big plus for a healthy relationship. Marriage counselors say that the continual exchange of thoughts and feelings is the most important ingredient in any good coupling. Is love in your head or your heart, Gemini? Your sign does not get tremendously emotional. Since neither of you are mad romantics, you may have to try harder to get romance to be a part of your life together.

You can discuss a wide variety of subjects and interests.

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You probably send love letters, but also cut out clippings of interesting articles for each other. You are good at sharing and adore travel. A sense of fun unites you, with little jokes and pranks being a regular part of everyday living.

Neither of you is really domestic, so perhaps you should hire cleaning help. So get a good accountant and do what she says to do, Gemini.

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They say a Gemini is looking for his or her lost twin — the other half, in the cosmic sense. You may have just found your soul mate — so if you are happy, enjoy your Gemini match. You can make this union work very well if you try. Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a My match is New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius.

Table of Eclipse Dates from to And with wealth planet Jupiter in your partnership zone starting November 8 you could meet a savvy financial coach or mentor who can guide you in that area. The sun, Mercury and Venus all visit your career zone during February and March.

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March open doors to new career possibilities; the Pisces new moon on March 17 allows you to sail through them. Action planet Mars in Pisces visits your career zone from November 11 to January, Your drive and ambition are on high and you can accomplish the impossible.

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With Mars in inspirational Pisces in your public zone you have the ability to combine your creative imagination and superb communications skills and gain the power to inspire people with your message. Jupiter entered your zone of day-to-day work and well-being on October 10, and will remain there until November 8. This expansive planet will enrich both your work and your well-being. You will be working harder but also smarter and Jupiter in intense Scorpio will help you focus.

Your attitude will improve and that will enhance everything including your relationships at work. You may get a promotion, a raise or if you have your own business, you could land a big client. Jupiter in your zone of well-being will help you create more balance in your life and feel more comfortable in your body. Your stamina will be good and you can lose weight if you want to. The Gemini new moon June 13 and The Scorpio new moon November 7 are great times to initiate a new health regime or fitness program.

Anything begun on a new moon has the best possible chance of succeeding. June and November are stellar months! June 13 is the annual Gemini new moon — your cosmic new year. Make your wish list; what begins at the new moon will come to fruition at the Gemini full moon November Even though June is your birthday month November is spectacular! On November 25 the sun and Jupiter align; one of the best days of the entire year!

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The full moon eclipse January 31 and the new moon eclipse February 15 brings friends, lovers, and kindred spirits from afar. The goddess Venus in Gemini April 24 through May 19 is your best time to attract love but also to feel absolutely amazing; you radiate energy and people are drawn to you. Venus in Aquarius January 17 through February 10 and Venus in Libra August 6 through September 9 are also periods when love, romance and magic surround you. November and December is bursting with romantic possibilities. Just having Jupiter in your love zone beginning November 8 practically guarantees you find love or deeper your current one.

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Your ruler, Mercury, goes direct December 6 the same day as the Sagittarius new moon in your zone of committed relationships. December 20 the sun and Uranus unite in a positive trine promising sudden good luck in love. There are so many opportunities to meet someone this month; at work, through friends, siblings, or online or at a conferences.

Just say yes to invitations and look your fabulous self. With action-planet Mars in edgy Aquarius May 16 through June 26 you might find yourself drawn to a great adventure like mountain climbing or kayaking around Australia.

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